Our vitamin straws represents the new generation of vitamin consumption. These are the vitamins of new generation.

Our milk flavoring straws already gained world-wide recognition. Their success inspired further developments,resulting in our latest achievement, the vitamin – filled water flavoring straws. The new products were introduced in 2016, already gaining significant attention.

Since quality is crucial importance, all of our products meet the highest European food safety and production requirements.

Our supplements

Vitasip flavored straw

VitaSip Kids flavoring straws

The vitamin-filled flavoring straws by VitaSip Kids turn a glass of water into a healthy, sugar-free, fruit flavored refreshment.

Hydration and getting the essential vitamins and minerals will be an adventurous, phenomenal experience for our children.

Kollagén termékek

VitaSip Beauty Collagen Complex

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are natural components in skin tissue, which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity beside maintaining hydration.

We do recommend VitaSip Collagen Complex to slow down the visible aging process.

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